In much less dramatic but arguably just as important Obama-campaign screw-up news, prominent Philly bloggers–Atrios, Will Bunch, and Mithras–are talking about Obama’s endorsement of failed mayoral candidate Chaka Fattah and its effect on the upcoming Pennsylvania primary.

Fattah and Obama are connected through David Axelrod, so Obama endorsed Fattah against Michael Nutter, who’s now Philadelphia’s mayor, and who’s endorsing Hillary Clinton in the company of Bill. Nutter quickly endeared himself to the Philly machine, so now Obama finds himself in the opposite position of the one he holds in Chicago. Or maybe not: as Mithras points out, Philadelphia not only has a very large African-America population, it also seems that the city’s African-American ward leaders are in Obama’s camp. So it could end up being quite complicated. Either way it will be an interesting look at the importance of urban Democratic machine politics.