Chicago investment banker Carol Mackoff and her husband, Judge Benjamin Mackoff, a retired Cook County judge, as well as her sister and a family friend were rescued today after 48 hours in captivity at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai.

Mackoff told CNN:

“We locked every possible lock on the door and put heavy suitcases against it,” she said. “When the explosions started and smoke filled the hallways we put towels at the bottom of the door.”

She said she was told that attackers opened doors across the hallway and had thrown grenades inside.

“All we were thinking was ‘Please don’t try and blow this door open,'” Mackoff said.

The couple communicated with their children by texting them, and used their phone to escape:

The Mackoffs escaped the hotel after getting a call on that phone from an Indian army colonel, Carol Mackoff told CNN. “He said we will give you a password and if we come to the door and give it to you, come quietly with us,” Mackoff said.”