• Tony Karman and Jeanne Gang

On Tuesday night, at the Public Chicago hotel, Tony Karman and his well-outfitted team announced the gallery list for the International Exposition of Contemporary/Modern Art and Design or Expo Chicago, which will happen next September. Karman, who is both president and director of the new art fair, spoke to a crowd of journalists, gallerists, patrons, and art dealers. “Expo Chicago is a way for the world to know what’s happening in Chicago. It’s a way for Chicago to flex itself internationally. And we want everyone in Chicago to take advantage of the audience we’re hoping to draw for Expo.” Karman spoke about the 45 partnerships that EXPO has built with Chicago institutions. They include the Art Institute, the Hyde Park Art Center, the Renaissance Society, Museum of Contemporary Art, Threewalls, and the Smart Museum.

Among the 100 represented galleries are Chicago’s gallery elite: Kavi Gupta, Rhona Hoffman, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Richard Gray, and several others.