Sirr Tmo Credit: Image from Sirr Tmo’s Facebook page

Local multimedia outlet and party-promotion collective Mucho Culo has hosted a monthly footwork and juke showcase at Subterranean’s downstairs lounge since November 2015, and it’s doing its part to keep Wicker Park’s historical connection to underground arts cultures from dissolving entirely. Mucho Culo events are responsible for some of my fondest memories of Subterranean: I remember seeing leather-clad punks who’d come for the early show sticking around to watch footwork dancers battle in the center of the room. And just this past month, during a set by Treated Crew producer Nasim Williams, I saw footworkers dance to Vic Mensa’s hip-house single “Down on My Luck” while producer-turned-bop-artist DJ Nate looked on.

Mucho Culo is the first Saturday of every month, and for April the collective has handed the reins to Teklife DJ and producer Reginald Cosper Jr., better known as Sirr Tmo. He’s partway finished with his debut solo release for the Teklife label, but his work has stalled due to a computer failure. Cosper works a janitorial job (in part to fund his music making), but he’s struggling to scrape together enough money for replacement equipment. A couple weeks ago he launched a GoFundMe to help buy new gear, which he says he’ll share with other Teklife members—including a MacBook Pro, a Mac Mini, and a microphone. He’s offering some interesting perks to donors, including a one-on-one footwork lesson.

You can also help by attending Saturday’s show, which is a fund-raiser for Cosper. He recruited all the performers: Nasim Williams, DJ Manny, Heavee, Gant-Man, Robert Armani, and DJ Deeon (the Mucho Culo DJs and Cosper himself will also appear, of course). To get an idea of the flavor of the night, I’d start with “Ohhhh Yeahhh,” which Cosper made with DJ Manny and DJ Paypal for the 2016 compilation Teklife VIP. The Jenga-like layers of percussion constantly feel like they’re about to collapse, but the producers keep it hanging together, shaping the song’s mass of sound into a complex melody with several simultaneous beats to follow.