Thats not Chicago—its Oakland!
  • Urban/Wikimedia Commons
  • That’s not Chicago—it’s Oakland!

Just when I thought Chicago voters were the dumbest mopes in America, my old friend Mr. T sent me an article about the mopes in Oakland, California, the fifth most crime-ridden city in the country.

According to the article in Bloomberg, the leaders of Oakland are preparing to fire 200 cops—roughly a quarter of the force—to help erase a huge budget deficit.

At the same time, they’re spending some $17.3 million a year to “stage 10 games a season for the Oakland Raiders and to host the Oakland A’s” in the local stadium, write Darrell Preston and Aaron Kuriloff.

For our readers who don’t follow sports, the Raiders are a football team in the NFL, which may be the richest sports league in the universe.

And the A’s are a baseball team in Major League Baseball, which may be the second richest sports league in the universe.

So Oakland’s deciding to divert millions of dollars from the war against crime to the rich guys who own football and baseball teams.

As if they’re not rich enough.