A couple days ago local R&B group Jody dropped a sultry, incandescent EP called Oasis. It’s the first proper follow-up to the band’s great debut EP, 2013’s Magique, though Jody didn’t stop releasing music in the interim. In fact, two of the best songs on Oasis, the ghostly title track and the silken, slowly rippling “M.I.A. (Move it Along),” have been floating around online for a year. On Oasis those tracks gel together with the five other songs for a seductive whole that ends too soon—by the time the great final track, “Mirage,” comes to a close you’ll probably want to listen to the EP a couple more times. Take a listen below, and if you need a Jody primer start with Miles Raymer’s 2014 profile of vocalist James King (aka the GTW) and follow the trail through the Reader‘s archives to our coverage of the group’s surprise Lollapalooza 2013 performance and more.