• Courtesy of the artist.
  • Neil M. Denari, HL23, New York, 2011.

Earlier this week the Graham Foundation announced its 2012 individual grantees. The foundation awarded more than $400,000 to 55 projects across the world. According to director Sarah Herda, this year was its largest applicant pool—over 670 people applied. “For me, this is at the core of the importance of the Graham Foundation,” says Herda. “We have funded individuals since day one in 1956. And in our area, we’re the only people who directly fund individuals in architecture and design.”

Fritz Haeg’s project “Edible Estate #12: Budapest, Hungary” is one of this year’s grantees. In this work the LA-based artist is partnering with the Blood Mountain Foundation—an arts organization focused on bringing arts projects to Budapest and Hungary— to revisit the utopian-planned community Wekerletelep, a housing block that was constructed between 1908 and 1950. Haeg will work with community members there and revitalize a communal garden.