Last week Stereogum posted Drive XV, an album-length tribute to REM’s Automatic for the People, an album that turned, shockingly, 15 damn years old on October 5th. Chicago’s well-represented by Catfish Haven’s gloom-folk take on “Monty Got a Raw Deal” and the Narrator’s bonus track, “Try Not to Breathe”, which actually sounds like it could be a missing track from their recent (and excellent) All That to the Wall.

Catfish Haven bassist Miguel Castillo writes in his liner notes, “Many a beer was consumed in honor of this project.” Jesse Woghin from the Narrator, on his band’s cryptic credit, “Additional programming by the Mannequin Men DJs,” says, “Seth [Bohn, drummer for the Mannequin Men] was there drinking beer for 1 of the 2 days of recording.” So Chi-Town may be able to claim not only two of the best tracks on the comp, but also the most beeriest. Way to go, guys. You make us proud.