Anyone who criticizes–who even questions–the mayor is often reminded that Chicago isn’t Detroit. It’s practically the local version of “Love it or leave it.”

But a report in this morning’s Detroit Free Press suggests that Motown (or some other parts of Michigan) could play Chitown on the big screen–in a film about Richard J. Daley that the current Daley administration won’t allow to be made here.

A producer has been in touch with the Michigan state film office, director Janet Lockwood told the paper. The reason? “‘Because of the new Mayor Daley,’ son of the first Mayor Daley, ‘Chicago probably won’t let them shoot there,’ Lockwood said.”

No word yet from the Chicago Film Office on their version of what the deal is. No word, either, on whether anyone’s planning to make a movie in Milwaukee about a big-city boss obsessed with hosting an international sporting event while his city’s infrastructure is crumbling.