In case you haven’t seen this already on my colleague Whet Moser’s blog, here’s a video promo of the basket the Tribune‘s putting a lot of its eggs in. “Huffington Post meets Facebook for Chicago,” is how the Tribune describes Chicago Now, which launches next month. The Trib promises the public the “best bloggers in Chicago and a cutting edge platform,” and advertisers “exciting new ways to reach engaged and targeted local audiences [such as] e-commerce, sponsorships, advertorials, and other creative advertising solutions.” For a leg up, Chicago Now’s absorbing the RedEye Web site.

This is the site I alluded to in this blog a few days ago; the Tribune‘s self-proclaimed goal is to corner 35 percent of local Web traffic between and Chicago Now. Here’s more from Moser.

CLARIFICATION: What the Tribune means when it says it wants to 35 percent of local Web traffic is this. It wants to be able, by the end of next year, to claim that in any given month’s time 35 percent of greater Chicago online users have visited a Tribune Web site– Chicago Now or Right now it can claim about 20 percent. If it gets up to 35 percent it can say that it offers the top online ad buy in the region. Those bragging rights now go to Yahoo, at 35 percent.