Ganser Credit: Kirsten Miccoli

Chicago postpunks Ganser are working on a three-song cassette called Audrey—last month Gossip Wolf reported on the band’s Kickstarter campaign for the tape and its supporting tour, which closes on Valentine’s Day (and doubles as a preorder sale). Today Ganser released the title track of Audrey, where funereal synths waft over frigid, spindly guitars that stab out a forlorn melody. The yearning vocals sometimes descend almost into a mumble, and the more difficult they are to understand, the more mysterious and alluring they seem.

Ganser are just a few hundred dollars short of their Kickstarter goal, but no matter how the campaign turns out, they play the Whistler on Sunday for “My Bloody Valentine’s Day,” this month’s installment in the Milk Pleasures series curated by Reader contributor Meagan Fredette. Below you can listen to “Audrey,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track.