The album art for Jaro's La Bleue

Chicago hip-hop trio Hurt Everybody made experimental-leaning tracks that blurred the boundaries between rap and pop, but earlier this year they broke up. Fortunately I’ve found other young acts who seem to have learned from Hurt Everybody, including local four-piece Beach Jesus. They’ve been relatively quiet since releasing the EP This Time Last Year in February, but their members have kept busy—last week Beach Jesus producer Jaro dropped La Bleue, a wistful four-song EP featuring some of his bandmates.

La Bleue skews toward electronic pop, no song more than “Window Pain.” Jaro collaborated with producer-singer Elias Abid on the taut, chilly instrumental, and the tune features vocals from Luke Olson of breezy local indie-rock outfit the Walters (whose frictionless guitar hooks and calming vocal harmonies are clutch). Olson’s sorrowful singing meshes perfectly with the frosted, low-key funk thump of “Window Pain.”