Vic Spencer and Chris Crack Credit: Courtesy of Vic Spencer's Facebook

Late last week, Chicago rappers Chris Crack and Vic Spencer released their second collaborative full-length as Chris Spencer, Blessed. These hardscrabble MCs continue down the path they set with last year’s Who the Fuck Is Chris Spencer?, which is as much about the intersection of their distinctive personas as it is about what makes each one unique. Spencer is rough around the edges, with a gruff voice whose power can make a rich instrumental sound brittle by comparison, while the flamboyant Crack doles out colorful hyperbole with a nasal bite.

Many of the backing tracks on Blessed feature soulful loops redolent of the 1970s, a laid-back sound that provides hospitable common ground for the rappers’ disparate styles. On “Hooligan,” Crack and Spencer dial back the battle-ready approach they bring to much of the rest of the album, seeming almost at ease as they jell with the track’s twinkling keys and sluggish percussion. The rappers held a Blessed listening party at the Whistler on Saturday, and they headline a free show at Emporium in Wicker Park on Thursday.