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Chicago bear rapper Big Dipper caught my eye in the summer of 2011 with, of all things, a Kickstarter campaign to fund his debut music video, “Drip Drop (April Showers).” There wasn’t much to go on except for a pitch video, which included shaky footage of the queer MC lip-synching to “Drip Drop.” The tune itself features a stuttering sample of “Little April Shower” from Bambi and raunchy rhymes—they’re mostly silly, often imaginative, and occasionally, um, big and blunt. That was enough for me to take note and a handful of months later a sleek, Kickstarter-funded clip for “Drip Drop” hit the ‘net, and the goofy, salacious (and borderline NSFW) visuals began racking up tens of thousands of views.

Big Dipper has since released a couple more music videos that can easily turn some viewers’ faces scarlet, moved to Brooklyn, and just yesterday he released a mixtape called Thick Life. It’s not the dude’s first mixtape—in January he dropped a solid EP, They Ain’t Ready, which plays like a collection of one-off songs largely held together by Big Dipper’s brash flow. Thick Life is far more cohesive and a little more polished, and it’s got the kind of EDM-pop beats that can fill dance floors. The MC roped in a handful of collaborators for Thick Life, including local rapper Roy Kinsey, who appears on the slinky, Sade-sampling banger “Loverboy*.” Big Dipper’s been in town recently and he’s planning on performing a few songs for next Monday’s Salonathon, which is a weekly variety show that takes place at Beauty Bar. Prepare for the show by streaming Thick Life below, and check out the rapper’s newest video—at your discretion, of course.

*According to Big Dipper it was Kinsey’s idea to sample Sade’s “Smooth Operator” for “Loverboy.”

Leor Galil writes about hip-hop every Wednesday.