Suburban rock three-piece Liqs have made a home for themselves in Chicago’s young garage scene, a big community with porous borders that’s constantly breeding new bands. As front man Nick Van Horn told Houseshow Magazine, a Medium-based site that focuses on local DIY rock, Liqs started as his solo outlet—the group originally performed under Van Horn’s name. In mid-2o14 they dropped their Eye to Eye EP, and last year they contributed to the first Monster Compilation from tastemaking label Dumpster Tapes, which included tracks by a great mix of older veterans (Mac Blackout) and impressive upstarts (Son of a Gun).

Earlier this year Liqs dropped the two-song single “Nothing for Me” via Nashville label Jeffery Drag Records, which had previously released a seven-inch by breakout Chicago garage band Twin Peaks. (Liqs have also opened for them a few times.) The title track begins with a discordant rush of cymbals and feedback before giving way to a riotous guitar melody. Liqs play Township tonight with openers New Oceans, Swooning, and Waste.