In 214 Chicago schools last year, 83,820 students--none of them white

  • andymangold
  • In 214 Chicago schools last year, 83,820 students—none of them white

As we note in the paper this week, in a story about two Chicago-area girls and their strikingly different roads to college, the Chicago Public School enrollment last year was 91 percent minority and 87 percent low-income. When only 9 percent of the students are white, it’s pretty hard to offer any semblance of integration. It’s even harder when the few white kids are clustered in a handful of schools.

Our analysis of CPS figures shows that last year, only 13 percent of the white students were in schools in which 9 percent or fewer of the students were white. Sixty-nine percent of the white kids went to schools that were at least 25 percent white; 27 percent were in schools that were more than half white.

A result of the dearth of white students, together with the clustering, is that almost a third of the city’s 683 schools were minority-only last year. The combined enrollment in these 214 schools: 79,292 black children, 3,031 Hispanics, 1,497 Asian/Pacific Islanders and Native Americans—and zero non-Hispanic white kids.