• Best Church of God

Waking up early to see the Best Church of God at SketchFest brought back Sunday school memories I’d hoped to forget. After snoozing through my alarm a few too many times, I raced to the show and prayed no one would rap me on the knuckles.

BCOG’s website says they hope to “attract the flocks of unsavory sinners who prowl the Chicago streets looking for beer, sketch comedy, and fornication.” Most audience members seemed to be converts from past services, but heathens like myself were given a wonderfully perverse welcome into the fold. The interactive service began with a song from the church’s hymnal and ran through satiric prayers, puppet shows, communion, and impressively deadpan devil wrestling. My favorite parts were a sassy performance by Trinity, a four-girl Christian pop group, and Brother Lek’s “End-times Report” on the evils of Facebook. He quoted Jeremiah to prove that God unfriends sinners: “Whoever has sinned against me I will blot out of my book.”

Accompanied by Sean Alexander, Wojo and Ward (Maria Wojciechowski and Joy Ward) tout themselves as the “best three-person sketch comedy duo” in Mobile, Alabama. They appear to be wholesome southern girls, but their clever, politically incorrect sketch material proved otherwise. A highlight was the bit about a stage mom who coaches her five-year-old pageant daughter through a Britney Spears routine, keeping her in line with tales of JonBenet Ramsey. In a bit about “bitches in scarves,” Wojo and Ward showed practiced comedic timing as serial tanners, one of whom sneaks her baby into the tanning bed.