• Elephant Larry

I came to day two of SketchFest hoping to see some true comedic beasts. Maybe I was thinking too literally, with Elephant Larry and Big Game Hunters on my schedule, but I wasn’t disappointed. Both groups kept me somewhere between laughter and nausea, which is really all anyone can ask from a Friday night.

Elephant Larry, a five-man troupe from New York City, mix videos, physical comedy and cheeky wordplay in their entertaining one-hour set. Their sketches center on simple premises with a twist. In one, a guy thinks he’s turning into a superhero every time he burps or farts. In another, an agency hired to create an ad campaign for milk dumps “Got milk?” for “Put some cow titties in my face and squirt, squirt, squirt.” During the subsequent commercial shoot, the director berates an actor for not enjoying the suspicious white fluid being Super Soakered into his face. Then Jesus appears and laps up the dairy product like a champion. Elephant Larry are back Saturday, 9 PM.

Straight from La La Land, Big Game Hunters run onstage in trench coats, foreshadowing their haunting nude finale. Their best sketches include a bit on elderly men with voluntary Alzheimer’s, which means getting to “say and do whatever you want with no consequences.” Motorboating a nurse’s boobs, for instance. A recurring sketch highlights notorious but failed rapists like the Premature Ejaculating Rapist—“Where will he almost strike next?” BGH makes good use of videos to transition between sketches; the cleverest is a spoof on Helen Keller titled The Miracle Jerker. All I’ll say about their memorable finish, a male response to The Vagina Monologues, is that you should probably leave the kids at home. Big Game Hunters return Saturday, 10 PM.