Derrick Rose’s season-ending knee injury made me, like many a Chicago sports fan, immediately flash on Gale Sayers’s career-altering knee injury in 1968. The Sun-Times‘s Mark Potash used that this week as a springboard to compile a top-ten list of the worst injuries in Chicago sports history.

It’s a very impressive list, as right behind Rose and Sayers comes Jim McMahon’s 1986 shoulder separation at the hands of a dirty hit by the Green Bay Packers’ Charles Martin. It most likely cost the Bears a second Super Bowl championship, and at very least deprived them the opportunity to defend their title against the upstart New York Giants, the eventual season champs, as a cocksure Mike Ditka tabbed newbie Doug Flutie as his playoff starter on the way to getting badly outcoached by his Washington Redskins counterpart Joe Gibbs.

Yet Potash’s list concentrated on the field, and I began to wonder, what about Chicago’s sports tragedies away from the field of play?