• Buying fuel-efficient German cars is so romantic

Local baroque pop outfit the 1900s is currently on an “indefinite hiatus,” in the words of front man Edward Anderson, much to the consternation of Chicago’s many baroque pop fans who are having to do without the leading light in that particular scene. But despite the break you can still find a lot of good pop coming from the group’s individual members, like singer/tambourinist Jeanine O’Toole’s work in Bare Mutants and Anderson and Caroline Donovan’s Mazes, which released an excellent album, Blazes, a few months back.

Anderson and Donovan also have a side hustle in selling cars in Argentina, or at least writing songs for commercials intended to sell cars in Argentina. Today Anderson debuted a commercial called “Casamiento” on his Facebook page that features him and Donovan harmonizing sweetly over a delicate acoustic-based arrangement. It manages to tap into the naively-sincere vibe that ad agencies are so fond of these days, but avoids the cloying tweeness that has made car-commercial-indie-rock the most irritating subgenre of the moment.

Check out the song and commercial after the jump.