The comment freakout over at Chicagoist over John Kass’s boilerplate Sex and the City column is entertaining, but if you find yourself in need of absolution, here’s what you need to know about SATC. Go watch Beth and Val now: “such a spiral of offhand absurdity that at times it seems as abstract and daffy as a painting by Paul Klee.”

The only other thing that needs to be said about SATC is that it turned Chris Noth, a fine comedic ham second only in the Law & Order firmament to Jerry Orbach, into a total zombie. And I can’t really forgive that. I have my own bad television obsessions, but I’d much rather watch Pavlovian procedurals about people who like their jobs (House, L&O, X-Files) rather than fin de siecle testaments to rarefied self-loathing. I can get that for free, it’s not hard. Or maybe it’s just that social dramedy doesn’t makes sense if you don’t leave the house much.