Mayor Daley’s up for reelection in 2011, and his approval ratings are at 35%.

Oprah’s contract ends in 2011, her viewership is declining, and she thinks the Black Eyed Peas are hip.

Clearly, we need the Olympics, unless of course the above are portents of the End Times.

Update: I totally missed this:

“The show will also do a Mad Men inspired episode where everyone, from the audience to Winfrey, is dressed in early 1960s style, she said.”

There’s something deeply odd, though not necessarily unpromising, about Oprah devoting an episode of her show to the aesthetics of a dire, unpleasant (though quite good) drama that’s mostly about misogyny and male privilege when it’s not about racism or the overwhelming power of branding. It could be amazing, depending on how far they’re willing to go through the looking-glass.