The Tribune is asking for your vote on Chicago’s best blog. I voted for one of my long-time favorites, Dmitry Samarov’s HACK, because it is exactly the kind of sui generis thing of beauty that usually gets steamrolled by blog ADDing. Honorable mention in no particular order (Reader blogs excepted, but don’t let that stop you from voting for them, obviously):

* Lynn Becker

* Becker-Posner

* Daily Daley

* Beachwood Reporter (not exactly a blog, but in the same ballpark)

* Gapers Block (ditto)

* City of Destiny (not so much the blog as the proprietor’s Flickr feed)

* A Chicago Sojourn

* Fake Shore Drive

* Eunomia (not locally focused, but the writer is a Chicagoan)

* FiveThirtyEight (ditto, mostly)

* The Private Intellectual (full disclosure: twice a classmate, will be officiating at my wedding, but the blog is legitimately awesome)

* District 299

* Uptown Chicago History

* The Capitol Fax

And my Big Media picks:

* Roger Ebert’s Journal (a tough one to not vote for as the city’s best)

* The Skyline

* Greg Hinz

Chicago’s worst “blog”

Richard Roeper’s Twitter feed, an object lesson in how not to Twitter. I thought, given his prose stylings, that Twitter would be Roeper’s metier, but it turns out that even in a medium which is practically an event horizon of meaningful communication, Roeper could suck the remnants of meaning, humor, and interest from 140-word blurts. It’s actually something of a notable achievment. It’s almost Dadaist. Someone has to find the edge of the map, and for that I salute Roeper.

PS: One of my New Year’s resolutions is to update my blogroll. Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet.