For people in the West who are just now starting to discover African dance music–a demographic that’s bound to get a lot bigger in the wake of the earth-shaking U.S. tour by progressive kuduro collective Buraka Som Sistema–the staggering number and variety of styles coming out of the continent is as likely to provoke a sort of paralytic sensory overload as it is paroxysms of joy.

Luckily we have Bay Area DJ and producer Chief Boima to act as a filter. He’s a leading expert on all seven kajillion different types of African, Carribbean, and American dance jams, as well as an excellent remixer and an immensely bonkers DJ. How bonkers? In the 20 minutes of his new mix for the Fader blog he hits up close to 20 different distinct genres, from kuduro to decale to mbalax, as well as stuff from the African diaspora like Chicago juke, Caribbean gaga, and Panamanian soca. It’s probably the best 20 minutes of music I’ll hear all day that’s not on the new J Dilla disc.