• South-side rapper Chief Keef

The track “Bang,” by young south-side rapper Chief Keef, has been floating around the Internet since August, accruing fans at a steep rate the whole time—in some parts of the city it qualifies as a full-on smash hit. At the moment it sits right at the spot where a successful regional single can make the quantum leap to nonregional sensation if the right variables line up. It always helps to get a cosign from a higher profile MC, and it’s even better when that cosign comes in the form of a guest appearance on a remix—which is what “Bang” got over the weekend, when Bay Area swag rapper Lil B jumped in on it.

Hip-hop listeners who value traditional mike skills will likely be aghast at Lil B’s rap, which follows an MO I once described in the Reader as “slurred freestyles delivered with all the focused intensity of someone checking mike levels while distracted by several other tasks.” Listeners who value audio fidelity of any sort will likely feel similarly, given that it sounds like Lil B just recorded himself rapping over the YouTube video for “Bang,” which honestly he might have, knowing how that guy works. (The track’s after the jump.)