A couple weeks ago Battles released the album artwork for their forthcoming album, La Di Da Di, which features an array of breakfast food arranged in a diagonal line atop a manilla backdrop. I was tickled by the design when I first saw it, but in that moment I’d somehow forgotten about a recent split cassette that also features a collage of grub fit for a morning meal: Drawing Trees and Ant’lrd’s Balanced Breakfast. I jogged my memory while hiding out in Reckless Records during Wicker Park Fest last weekend, and picked up a copy of the experimental tape. I’m particularly taken by one of the songs Ant’lrd contributed, the hypnotic “Backyard”; the producer builds an engrossing, swarming melody as the song progresses, and the tune coasts along with the help of some muffled percussion that reminds me a little of the unexpected twists and turns footwork producer Jlin employed on her recent debut album, Dark Energy. Take a listen to “Backyard” below—it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track—and grab a copy of Balanced Breakfast from local label Baro.