It’s been difficult focusing on anything that doesn’t have to do with celebrating the life of Roger Ebert, but at least I’ve found a solid soundtrack for something so bittersweet: Ripe Hours, a brand-new EP from local producer Chris Sadek, aka Taught Abroad. I got clued into Sadek’s project right after he played the Burlington last Saturday to celebrate the release of Ripe Hours, and I began kicking myself for missing the show after listening through the EP on Bandcamp. Sadek is well versed in 80s pop—on “Bladerunner” he employs the kind of dramatic, reverb-touched drums that remind me of bands like Toto—as well as R&B and outre electronic, and he manages to interweave threads of those styles with melancholic and oceanic synths that sometimes sound like a church organ. Take a listen to Ripe Hours below.