Rendering of the Studio Gang-designed Vista Tower, center Credit: Magellan Development

Welcome to the Reader‘s weekday news briefing.

  • Chinese billionaire puts the Vista Tower up for sale

The Dalian Wanda Group Company, owned by Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin, has put its $900 million Vista Tower up for sale under increased scrutiny from the Chinese government, according to the Tribune. If completed as currently planned in 2020, the Jeanne Gang-designed skyscraper at 363 E. Wacker will be the third tallest in the city. The Wanda Group has also put a $1.2 billion development in Beverly Hills, California, up for sale but hasn’t yet made a final decision on selling either project. [Tribune]

  • Afghan war veteran Miguel Perez Jr. could be deported this week

Miguel Perez Jr., a U.S. Army veteran of the Afghan war and a green card holder, is in danger of being deported as soon as this week, according to the Tribune. A federal court denied Perez’s appeal to stay in the U.S. after he finished a prison term for a drug conviction. Perez, who came to the U.S. when he was an eight-year-old and served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, is worried about his safety after a deportation to Mexico. His family and supporters say it’s hypocritical to deport a veteran legally living in the U.S. “If you’re going to put your hand on your hearts every time at a game, you’re going to say thank you for your service and wear American flag lapel pins and you’re going to criticize football players for taking a knee during the national anthem, it seems that’s all superficial and false patriotism if you’re not caring about an actual military veteran,” Perez’s attorney Chris Bergin said. [Tribune]

  • Another Chicago police exam will be held in May as Emanuel tries to recruit new officers

A police exam scheduled for May will be the fifth police exam administered during Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s seven years in office. It’s unusual for the Chicago Police Department to hold that many police exams, but Emanuel is trying to stick to his goal of adding 970 new police officers over two years. The two police exams CPD offered last year attracted more than 20,000 applicants. [Sun-Times]

  • McDonald’s reveals plans for its new flagship on the site of the Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s

The iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s in River North is being torn down, and the fast-food chain has now revealed the plans for its eco-friendly, cutting-edge replacement. Designed by architect Carol Ross Barney, the new flagship will feature ordering kiosks, solar panels, walls full of plants—and less parking, according to the Tribune. “There’s a lot of pride being part of something so cutting-edge,” franchise owner Nick Karavites said. “At the end of the day, we’re still a business selling hamburgers and french fries and milkshakes and we want to sell as many as we can.” [Tribune]

  • Movie critic Richard Roeper pulled from the Sun-Times during an investigation into social media followers

Movie critic Richard Roeper’s Twitter following is being investigated by the Sun-Times after a New York Times report accused him and other journalists of buying fake Twitter followers. The newspaper won’t be publishing any movie reviews or columns written by Roeper during the investigation. [Sun-Times]

  • The unsolved murder of the Grimes sisters still haunts Chicago

The unsolved murder of the Grimes sisters has haunted Chicago for 62 years. Barbara, 15, and Patty, 13, went missing after venturing out on December 28, 1955, to watch the Elvis Presley movie Love Me Tender. Their bodies were found on January 22, 1956, in what is now Burr Ridge. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is still working on the cold case, but former CPD investigator Raymond Johnson and CBS Chicago’s Brad Edwards are also taking a second look at it. The pair recently did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” about the case, which still piques the interest of online sleuths. Edwards spoke to an elderly man who reportedly “knows ‘the most of what happened'” that night, according to Johnson. “It’s all in the past,” the unnamed man told Edwards. “That’s all I can say.” [CBS Chicago]