Lots of people are struggling to decide how to vote today. If you’re one of them, here’s an e-mail exchange I was just privy to that may help you choose who’s worthy. But I hope not.

FROM MIKE TO HALF A DOZEN FRIENDS: Who should I vote for today?

Honestly, I don’t know whether to vote for Clinton or Obama. I like them both and see few substantive differences between them in most areas. So, I have about eight hours before I’ll cast my vote after picking up the kid from day care this afternoon.  

Another idea I’m toying with is voting Republican and for McCain instead of any vote for the Dems. I know one of those two will get the nomination and I would be okay with either. However, I surely would rather have President McCain than President Romney. So perhaps I should help ensure it’s McCain on the Republican ticket and not Romney? Help me!!

BILL: Either Obama or McCain. Take your pick.

MARK: Well, McCain seems all but inevitable now—but don’t vote for him. I’d LOVE to see Obama or Hillary face Romney.

EDWARD: Dude, Obama was your neighbor in Hyde Park. You gotta vote for him.

MATTHEW: Obama baby!

JASON: If you want to be at war for another 100 years, vote for McCain.

MIKE: No shit man! Hyde Park neighbors. I probably had a beer or two in proximity to him at the Falcon or the Tiki! Fine, I think it’s going to be Obama.

MARK: You probably passed out on the lawn that Rezko bought for Obama.

SHOME: Just cast my ballot for Mr. Obama in CA, where all reports indicate it will be a close one. I say vote Democratic since you are a Democrat. Vote for Obama rather than Hillary. Really, beyond minor policy differences, I just think he is a genuine, wiser, less politically motivated candidate. In my opinion, that character will allow him to make better decisions more often than not (and based on the facts not political gain). McCain will keep us at war for god knows how long and he was a willling shill for Bush in the 2004 election after being humiliated and undermined by the Bush campaign with dirty accusations in the 2000 South Carolina primary. I don’t trust that kind of political about-face.

MATTHEW: I’m waiting for Paul Tsongas to make a last minute run. Otherwise I’m voting for Alan Keyes.

JASON: The political insight from this group is staggering.