Experimental drone collective Chord, featuring Pelican’s Trevor de Brauw, will be playing their only show of the year tomorrow night at the Burlington, where they’ll be deviating from their typical, minimal path. The band, made up of heavy and experimental musicians from around Chicago, base their performances and recordings on a single chord. Each member is assigned a single note from a specific chord, and the goal is to exploit and push it to its furthest sonic capabilities, experimenting with tone, texture, mood, and volume. Like most of de Brauw’s projects, Chord is based on patience, nuance, and tension. For this performance, the group will be trading in a single chord drone for a composition written by bassist Sean McCarthy. “It’s a new style for us,” says de Brauw, “less droney or ambient than stuff we’ve done in the past, with a bit more sense of motion as we trade arpeggios back and forth.” The show will be doubling as a warm-up for the band’s recording session over the weekend with engineer Greg Norman. They’ll be tracking the composition at Studio Greg Studios II for their fourth and upcoming LP. Take a listen to the band droning some bad vibes on a diminished G chord after the jump.