Chris Crack Credit: Courtesy the New Deal Crew's Facebook page

Chicago rapper Chris Crack recently dropped a collaborative full-length with Vic Spencer, Who the Fuck Is Chris Spencer?, but that’s hardly all he’s been working on. Earlier this week Crack released the video for “Armani Silverware,” one of many one-off cuts that have crowded his Soundcloud account over the past year. The “Armani Silverware” clip has the same cartoonish flair Crack displayed in the two-minute video for “Duct Tape on the Machete,” from last year’s Public Domain 4 mixtape. It was shot in one long take from the back of a slow-moving pickup truck, the camera’s view partially obscured by a flickering TV set flashing the song’s lyrics; Crack saunters behind the truck while rapping, and a hodgepodge of characters show up to form a parade behind him.

Jeff Hadick of Second City’s business-to-business division, Second City Works, directed “Armani Silverware,” and his hovering camera work combines with the chic surroundings of the Chopin Theatre to create a dreamlike atmosphere. Crack enters the scene carrying a domed silver platter, and under the dome is his head—he emerges half-painted in pink camouflage and rapping as if that’s the most natural place to do it. Throughout the video, Crack’s head appears on several place settings, which doesn’t make for the happiest of endings. The track’s spindly harpsichord sample and the video’s regal trappings both speak to Crack’s well-developed sense of absurdity. You can watch “Armani Silverware” and “Duct Tape on the Machete” below.