The hyperliterate movie blog Cine-File, some of whose writers also contribute reviews to the Reader, launches its first curated screening series starting Monday 1/3 at Doc Films.

Cine-File Selects takes off with Two Lovers, James Gray’s heartfelt romantic drama whose publicity campaign star Joaquin Phoenix torpedoed with his ostensibly staged rap debut/career suicide, as presented in his brother-in-law Casey Affleck’s pseudodocumentary I’m Still Here.

The series continues 1/10 with short animated works by John and Faith sisters Georgia (of Yo La Tengo) and Emily Hubley; John Ford’s 1939 Revolutionary War epic Drums Along the Mohawk 1/17; David Mackenzie’s Spread 1/24, starring Ashton Kutcher as an L.A. gigolo; Norman Lear’s 1971 tobacco industry satire Cold Turkey starring Bob Newhart 1/31; experimental shorts programmed by Jason Halprin 2/7; Dusan Makavejev’s 1971 Yugoslav psychosexual freakout WR: Mysteries of the Organism just in time for Valentine’s Day 2/14; Uruphong Raksasad’s new Thai documentary about the idealization of farming, Agrarian Utopia 2/21; Damon Packard’s reappropriations of Linda Blair, Alyssa Milano, and Logan’s Run in Spacedisco One and Roller Boogie III, 2/28; and centenarian Portuguese master Manoel De Oliveira’s 2003 A Talking Picture 3/7.

Cine-File Selects screen Mondays at 7 p.m. at Doc Films, 1212 E. 59th. $5; quarterly pass $30.