For the last several weeks city officials have been saying that they would be prepared to act “swiftly” in response to the Supreme Court’s decision on the legality of Chicago’s gun ban—just yesterday Mayor Daley and Alderman Anthony Beale, who chairs the City Council’s police and fire committee, suggested that the council could start reviewing a new gun-restriction ordinance as soon as Tuesday afternoon.

But city officials are now backing down from that time frame, saying they haven’t finished drafting a replacement ordinance. And numerous aldermen at City Hall Tuesday told me they haven’t been briefed on the on the city’s plans.

“We’re still working on it,” corporation counsel Mara Georges said at City Hall Tuesday. She said there’s no chance the council will pass legislation at its full meeting Wednesday. “My hope is to have it done shortly, maybe even tonight, and to get it before aldermen officially by Thursday.”

That was news to several aldermen I spoke with. “Nobody’s told me anything about this,” one told me. “I have to get my information from you guys in the press.”