• Brian Jackson/Sun-Times Media
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel and police brass promise they’re going to “revitalize” community policing in Chicago—but it’s not clear how.

One of the first matters to come up at last week’s community policing meeting in west Humboldt Park was the trouble brewing around the corner of Thomas and Springfield—serious trouble.

“Some new guys popped up over there and the other guys didn’t like it,” said H.T., a Vietnam veteran who’s lived nearby for 27 years. “There was a shooting over there an hour ago.”

Captain Roger Bay knew just what H.T. was talking about. Bay, one of four cops at the meeting, recalled that police cleared out a drug operation on the same corner last spring, arresting the “main characters” and posting 24-hour sentries for several weeks. But now some of the dealers were back on the street, and in the meantime others had tried to move in.

“The guy shot today is not from around there,” Bay said.