Over the past few years I’ve heard hundreds of different ideas for how musicians can get paid in the digital age, but I don’t know that I encountered any that I’d want to call “cute” until someone sent me a link to Shirtify. It’s a subscription service that scans your listening habits on a few of the more popular streaming music services—Spotify, Rdio, Last.fm, Pandora—and sends you a t-shirt from one of your most-played artists either monthly or quarterly, depending on which plan you sign up for. It’s a goofy idea on the surface, and the Shirtify site plays up its twee side, but behind the cute exterior there’s a pretty solid idea. As the FAQ explains in detail (with the help of a handy infographic), artists are paid approximately jack shit for each spin they receive on streaming services, whereas t-shirt sales net them several bucks of direct profit apiece.