John-Kass-as-Michael-Moore is amusing, but the real dirt today is David Jackson and Jason Grotto’s piece on the Rock Island-based war profiteering trial involving a mess of KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown, and Root; they did the KFC thing with their name) supervisors and subcontractors. 

One subcontractor, Public Warehousing Co., took [the military’s former top food service adviser for the Middle East, Peleti “Pete”] Peleti and another top Army official to the Super Bowl, a defense investigator said in court Wednesday. The firm has denied wrongdoing. [Shabbir] Khan also bribed Peleti to influence LOGCAP contracts with cash. Peleti was arrested in 2006 while re-entering the U.S. at Dover Air Force Base with a duffel bag stuffed with watches and jewelry as well as about $40,000 concealed in his clothing.

Read the whole thing, as they say.

Somewhere in between is Todd Stroger’s short-lived bid for another $120K in public relations help. It’s clear that  Stroger has a dim understanding of his biggest problem, but one of the things money can’t buy is the PR value of not asking for money for PR.