This comes via Whet Moser, who reads Fox News so I don’t have to: Clear Channel isn’t playing the new Springsteen album. (You have to scroll down past the item about Britney, the least compelling train wreck ever.) Fox’s Roger Friedman suspects this is part of a general No Old Farts policy that doesn’t even make an exception for million-selling old farts. (Is this true? Can someone out there take one for the team and listen to a Clear Channel station so I don’t have to?)

Reliably, though, Down With Tyranny paints a picture that’s even more sinister. Or is it? From a purely music-critic standpoint, I’m not sure if political blackballing really is worse than ageist attempts at genre-manipulation from people with no real stake whatsoever in actually making music, just in making money off it. At the very least, if Bruce and the Dixie Chicks are getting shut out in part because of their political statements, well, that’s a compliment. If it’s just because their faces and voices aren’t baby-butt smooth, well, that’s not. Then again, I think an insult from the right people is always a compliment.

Be sure to check out that graf at the end about Clear Channel’s campaign contributions. Wow. Considering how rich they are, they try to buy ’em cheap, don’t they?