• Hillary Clinton at CGI America

There was a lot of talk at the opening session of the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting yesterday about the virtue of the next big thing in government: private investment.

Former president Bill Clinton heaped praise on things like social-impact bonds and infrastructure banks; guest speaker Rahm Emanuel said “we need private-sector resources” to help us get public projects done; and future presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned that “we can’t look to government to solve all our problems.”

Then Bill gave his account of the Chobani, Inc., success story (the company founder was a panelist): Turkish guy goes to upstate New York, gets a government small-business loan, buys a 90-yr-old factory, makes Greek yogurt, goes to Idaho, builds another factory, “and that’s what’s great about this country!”

Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya noted that the government loan was critical.

CGI announced today that after three years in Chicago, its annual meeting will move to Denver in 2014.