I’m in total awe of Clipse ‘s Hell Hath No Fury, the duo’s long-delayed second album (which Jessica Hopper wrote about this week; the “Everly Brothers of trap rap” open for Lil Wayne this Saturday). Endless rapping about slinging ‘caine and owning Louis Vuitton ain’t my thing, but Malice and Pusha T are inventive enough and have more than enough street charisma to make it all seem strangely compelling. The way Pusha T juggles braggadocio and paranoia on “Nightmares” is par for the course:

I make big money, drive big cars

Everybody know me, it’s like I’m a movie star

Virginia nights, selling hard white

To sellin’ out shows, every gangsta love my flow

Still I creep low, thinking niggers trying to harm me

Hoping my karma ain’t coming back here to haunt me

Was it that nigga, I took his powder with a smile

The album is also a major return to form for the Neptunes, who produced every track. There have been loads of strong hip-hop albums this year, but this one is the strongest.