Last week I wrote about the new mixtape from White Gzus, Stackin’ N Mackin’ Vol. 2; I didn’t go into detail about a collection of references that caught my ear, or more specifically, a reference to indie label Closed Sessions on “Still Sippin’.” I’m not sure what made my ears perk up on this particular line—it’s in a song that’s got plenty of shout-outs, and the mention isn’t a first for Closed Sessions. To me it’s just the latest example of how the label’s become part of the foundation of the local hip-hop scene.

Earlier this week Closed Sessions dropped a mini-documentary focused on another integral member of the Chicago scene: Floyd A. Davis, a multidisciplinary artist and owner of Pilsen art gallery Artpentry. You might not recognize Davis’s name, but if you went to Riot Fest last year you’d probably know his work—he created the gigantic slice of pepperoni pizza that stood onstage behind ShowYouSuck, and he built the festival’s mini-golf course that was set up just west of where the MC performed. ShowYouSuck frequently posts photos of Davis’s work on Instragram, and some offer a view into the artist’s work environment.

The Closed Sessions team gets deeper in Davis’s world at Artpentry with the new mini-doc. It’s titled “Explanation,” which is also the name of the song Davis released in conjunction with the documentary—yes, he can rap too. Check out both below.