Ken Vandermark

Local photographer Jim Newberry, whose exhibition for his Improvisers series at Elastic runs through 12/30, will be hosting a closing reception tomorrow: it starts at 7 PM and he’ll give an artist talk at 8 PM. Newberry’s known for a wide range of photo subjects, ranging from live rock to people on Chicago’s streets, and this current series focuses on portraits of local musicians best known for their work in the experimental and jazz scene. The series is made up of black-and-white shots of our town’s most celebrated noisemakers, including Dave Rempis, Mike Reed, Nick Mazzarella, and Jeb Bishop. The photos are all available to purchase for $100 each and are all available in editions of 11.

The show also features some of Newberry’s other work: his street shots, a series that ran from 1982 until 2000, will be available for $75 each, and his other music prints will go for $65.

After the jump is a small sample of the work included in the exhibit.