• Tom McGrath
  • A classic case of the lunatics running the asylum, in Marat/Sade

Allowing the the original sadist, the Marquis de Sade, to stage a play with a cast full of lunatics can only lead to trouble. And sure enough, all hell breaks loose in the insanely brilliant Right Brain Project staging of Peter Weiss’s 1963 masterpiece, Marat/Sade. Also recommended: Chicago Dance Crash’s smashing answer to mindless superhero flicks, Gotham City. And if Gotham‘s clown-faced villains are too creepy for you, there’s a gentler circus in the charming operetta The Circus Princess. Kerry Reid likes Paul Stovall’s sharp, painfully funny Immediate Family, while Zac Thompson suggests you take in Collaboraction’s booze-bedecked annual playfest Sketchbook, which has more heft this time around.

Even as fresh-faced young directors and designers are debuting in Steppenwolf Theatre’s Next Up repertory, Broken Nose Theatre is exploring sexual debuts in My First Time.