The Violet Hour’s version of the pisco sour, called the Iron Cross, is a bit more complicated than the traditional South American brandy drink in both execution and ingredients. In addition to Chilean pisco, egg white, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Angostura bitters, Maloney adds orange flower water and his own summer bitters, flavored with grapefruit and lavender.

The shaking method Maloney and all his bartenders employ is one of his own invention also. Instead of using the more common Boston shaker–a glass beer pint fitted into a metal shaker–they use a smaller metal shaker on top which, unlike glass, doesn’t retain heat after washing, and gets cold faster. It also provides a better grip, and if it does slip it won’t ever shatter in the well ice. Maloney says he came up with this in the late 90s, and subsequently Milk & Honey owner Sasha Petraske dubbed it the “Toby Shake.”

Tomorrow’s final Cocktail Minute will feature the Whiskey Smash.