• The Game goes Crazy Town.

In a crayon-stroke of genius, writer and “tank-top enthusiast” Shea Serrano has teamed up with rapper Bun B on a Tumblr blog of improbable inspiration. Please bookmark Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Tumblr, which features printable pages of rappers ranging from Tupac to Lil B. Serrano does the drawings and Bun curates the site, but I’m interested to know who writes the hilarious captions. The most recent entry, from yesterday (pictured at left), is also one of the best: “The Game is sad. He wants a new tattoo. Draw him one that covers up his butterfly.” (A clever jab at the LA rapper’s hilarious and awful face tat.) Hopefully these two don’t run out of material anytime soon—at the very least, I’m anticipating a page for Rick Ross’s medallion any day now.

(h/t NY Daily News Page Views)