• Michael O’Shaughnessy
  • Connections

Columbus, Ohio’s Connections, a Guided-by-Voices-worshiping, indie-pop powerhouse anchored by Times New Viking drummer Adam Elliott, are prepping the Tue 8/19 release of Into Sixes with a brand-new music video for “Cruise Control.” Into Sixes is the band’s third LP in two years, and continues working with the formula that’s made Connections one of the most addictive outfits around right now: dual Fender Strats ringing out, mountains of hooks, and the heartfelt, almost awkward dual vocals of Kevin Elliott and Andy Hempel.

The video for “Cruise Control,” directed by Stephen Tringali, follows two deranged teens as they forge a path of minor destruction—bullying around other kids, playing Peeping Tom—set to the cheery, summery vibe of the excellent pop tune. You can check it out below.