Comcast released Extreme 105 today. No, it’s not a new radio station, it’s Comcast’s fastest Internet service ever, a 105 Mbps connection that’s being called “Smoking-Fast” and “Wallet-Burning”

That’s because the service is between twice as fast and around 18 times as fast as Comcast’s current offerings, depending on your bundle. It comes at a pretty steep cost: $105/month for the first year with TV and phone, rising to something between $130 and $150 after the promotion, according to Yahoo! You can also get Extreme 105 for $200 without the service bundle. By comparison, a six Mbps connection costs $50 on its own.

UPDATE: No, you can’t get the $105/month deal, according to theTribune on April 22, which says both new and existing Comcast customers in the area are being offered the $200 rate, while other markets get the $105/month promotion.