Since the demise of August Moon and the blaze that took out Penang, Chicago has been without any representation of Indonesian food. Not for long. This morning I reached Muhammed Rukli as he waited for city inspectors to arrive at Angin Mamiri, his soon-to-open restaurant near the corner of Touhy and California in a space that once housed Filipino and Thai spots. Rukli, a native of South Sulawesi, says his menus will include zabiha halal chicken, beef, and lamb preparations, the composed peanut-sauce-dressed salad gado gado, the crispy spring rolls known as lumpia, and the beef tripe soup called coto makassar, a specialty of his hometown.

He’s hoping for a June 6 opening.

Angin Mamiri, 2739 W. Touhy, 773-262-6646