This morning’s New York Times story about Santa Fe’s locavore magazine franchiser Edible Communities mentions the network of 33 regional titles is expanding like “kudzu,” with seven more mags due to be published by fall, and negotiations in the works for a dozen more.

But looking at the company’s roster it’s painfully obvious that there’s a dearth of midwestern regions represented (excepting Edible Twin Cities and Edible Iowa River Valley). Edible Communities CEO Tracey Ryder says that won’t be for long.

“We have three parties who are all looking over the contract for Edible Chicago right now,”” she was kind enough to write this morning, in the wake of a flurry of NYT-related inquiries. “So far, no one has signed one, which really means the area is wide open. Obviously, as of this morning, we’ve had at least 6 other inquiries from the area, so it’s likely to be gone soon.”

So the race is on, but who are the competitors?