The good folks behind Scofflaw have been teasing details about their upcoming new Logan Square bar for months without naming it, but last night the neon was lit, and this afternoon the press release went out: it’s called Slippery Slope.

The two-floor space at 2357 N. Milwaukee will be sort of an homage to the dance-party action at the late, great Bonny’s or “Double Deuce from Roadhouse without the violence,” if you will. It will be a departure for the group, featuring cheap beer, cheap booze, a handful of bottled cocktails ( and just one kind of ice, presumably), and in what’s sure to be a dangerous addition to the liquor and vigorous dancing: the peculiar homegrown tamale-chili combo known as the mother-in-law. The first level is going to have a large dance floor with vintage skee ball machines and is supposed to open “before Chicago sees snow for the last time.”