From Pintilies Reenactment (1969)
  • From Pintilie’s Reenactment (1969)

Starting on Friday and continuing through May 13, Facets Multimedia will host a complete retrospective of the films of Lucian Pintilie, a man cited by numerous critics and filmmakers as Romania’s greatest director. Pintilie may be best known in the States (if he’s known at all) as a major influence on the Romanian New Wave: Cristi Puiu (Aurora), who cowrote his Niki and Flo (2003), has argued the current movement would not exist without Pintilie’s example (and in a recent essay, critic Mihai Chirilov notes, “When asked when he wanted to be when he grew up, director Corneliu Porumboiu (Police, Adjective) answered: Lucian Pintilie”). As might be expected, Pintilie’s films have been praised for their dark humor and social critique.